Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Surprise Find in the Garden

All the summer rains have made for a very growthy back yard. While Walt wielded the lawnmower, I took to the garden with a tree saw on a stick to try to cut away all the morning glories. They are trying their best to take over my garden. I am happy to say that I cleared a bunch of junk out of the garden, enough that I should be able to start pulling the weeds that were underneath. All in all, great things were accomplished.

As I walked up to the deck to take a break and have a cool drink, I spotted this lovely surprise near the back steps of the deck. I summonded Walt, and he agreed it was worth a few "Henclicks". Beauty is never hard to find in the garden.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Generation Gap X 2

The oldest and youngest of our family shares a book. Big Grandma is 86 years old and reading to her youngest great-grandson, 2 1/2 year-old Tommie Charles Bodden, who lives in New Zealand. It is his first trip to America and his first meeting with Big Grandma and his American family. All his great-grand cousins came to call. It's big deal!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A New Friend

My New Zealand brother-in-law has been friends with the Clarks since univerisity. When he learned that Dave was attending a conference in San Antonio, Tony suggested they get in contact with us. They did! We're glad!

I've loved getting to know Debbie. We have so much in common, and she is so open for adventure. I've tried to show her some San Antonio that isn't just downtown. We visited Mission Conception, the railroad station at Sunset Station, Central Market, Brackenridge Park, a cowboy boot store and Shoemakers Inn. We've driven the King William area and walked the river there too. The downtown stuff like La Villita, the Mercado, the Alamo, riverboat rides and mall she has done on her on.
One of my favorite things about her is that she is a big coffee drinker. She also likes to take photos...right up my alley! She has discover fire hydrants, and photographs every new kind she finds. But mostly, she is a pure joy to sit on the porch and talk with.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


All the hype about lucky 07/07/07 couldn’t convince me that today would be lucky: but, after the day I have had, I am convinced. This day turned out to be a truly happy day for me. It began when my husband woke me up and told me to sit up. He stacked pillows behind my back to make me comfortable, then handed me a fresh cup of hot coffee. How cool is that! The second cup we had sitting under the cover deck watching it rain. Another cool treat!

While Walt cooked breakfast, I picked up the front page of the paper to see Tony Parker and Eva Longoria – wedding day story. That made me happy. I think they are such a cute couple, and we have enjoyed following their romance as we watched the Spurs’ games. Eva is from Corpus Christi, and she and I went to the same high school (only years apart).

I looked up and spotted my beautiful vase of gladiolas I bought for myself yesterday. HEB has them on sale for three bunches for $10 this week. There are ten stems in a bunch, so that makes each stem cost 34 cents. What a bargain! That made me happy too. I decided I’d stop and get another bunch on my way home from Curves for Mom tomorrow.

I walked outside to pick the okra and tomatoes. There was a lovely butterfly flittering about the flowers. The creature followed me to the tomato patch. That made me happy too. Then I picked tomatoes until I couldn’t carry anymore and took them inside. I went back for a second bunch. I picked 19 nice tomatoes today. WOW! What a treat!

Not done yet. I walked out the back door this afternoon and a hummingbird was hovering over the feeder. I expected it to fly away; instead, it just kept flying around me. No more that three feet away. That made me happy too.

Too bad 07/07/07 only comes once a century. I could use a bunch more happy days.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

My First

Those who know me know I am an opinionated woman. Dah! I do, however, try to restrain myself and not share every opinion I have.

I get emotional about toll roads, especially the one being proposed on Highway 281, my neighborhood feeder street/road. I have attended many of the public meetings to lend support to the opposition. Last week, there was a public meeting on the Loop 1604 proposed toll road. I not only attended, but I also took the microphone for my two minutes.

I carefully planned and wrote out my words. Most of the people on either side of the question delivered calm and thoughtful ideas...except for one cowboy hat wearing, tee-shirt and shorts attired old man who was "mad as hell" and "sick and tired" of all of "them." He delivered a purely non-factual, highly emotional attach on every one connected to the project. Inapporpriate and embarrassing!

I mention this only to follow-up with the next morning's news article. Although factual in the account of the meeting. the article cited this man by name and included his picture. Why does the media focus on the bad behavior and the polarizing remarks.

I emailed the reporter and asked him. He didn't reply.