Monday, March 30, 2009

New Zealand in the Texas Landscape

Looking around my backyard yesterday, I was surprised to see so much of New Zealand in my landscape. These are snaps of items brought to me by my sister who lives there or brought back by me. Among the pansies are a pair of lovely pukeko birds. This are my favorite New Zealand birds. They remind me of chickens, but the color is all blue. Love the orange beaks and legs. The paua shells that hang in my metal tree reflect the blue of the waters and shimmer in the light when the wind blows them. These shells get used in all sorts jewelry and art produced in New Zealand. The sea glass, small stones and tumbled brick pieces I found on the beach of Days Bay across from Wellington. The larger stones in the bird bath I picked up from a Pacific Ocean beach. The sound of the water rolling onto the beach of stones and receding back to the ocean amazes me and remains one of my fondness memories of visits.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Orange You... ?

...happy. How can you help but be amist beauty and grandkids. Spring break took us to Dallas to babysit and play. I took all the kids to the Arboretum. I think the whole town had the same idea. Very crowded, but quite enjoyable.
Walt got to experience "deer camp with Blake and Robbie. I created an abundance of excitement by falling and turning my ankle. Dijea and Mason rushed me off for an MRI. Much to do about nothing, thank goodness. Ended up involved in the girls' garage sale. Got in a bit of shopping. Good week.