Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Doings

This is the first Christmas season in a while that we have gotten into the spirit. Since we usually go out of town for the holidays, we don't do much preparation at home. This year was different. We scheduled two parties and starting decorating.

Walt decided to host the San Antonio Watercolor Group's annual Christmas meeting and pot luck supper. We had a lovely group and a bounty of good food. Luckily, the weather held because we seated folks on the deck for dinner.
Next up were our "John Jay connections" friends. I decided to do a chilli supper. I got new dishes and a big pot and moved forward. Once again, the weather cooperated. We set up 3 big tables on the deck. We ate, drank and were merry.


How nice to have good friends who will help you. After leading the way in Hobby Lobby saying, "Buy this...This will work...Must have...", Margie Nichta, seen below, directed the decorating committee. I dropped out quickly (not so much my thing), and she and Walt finished up.