Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lucky Us

Not everyone gets to keep his love ones happy and healthy to 86 years. What joy.

Spring Beak

Dijea and her family visited during Ethan's spring break. We'd planned a week of fun, which started off with a train adventure. That's when the rain started, and we were stuck indoors for most of the week. On Friday, the sun came out, and we took advantage of it at Fredrick Wilderness Park.

Spring Chores

Spring causes all sorts of outdoor chores. For me, outdoor chores promise much more fun than the indoor kind. The cooking and cleaning can go undone if the yard needs help.

Boy does the yard need help! After a year of construction and the drought, our yard cries for help. One of the first things on the docket was spreading compost. We had 7 yards delivered. I'm sure our neighbors laughed and took bets on whether or not we'd get it spread. Surprisely, we had the front yard covered the afternoon of the delivery. The next morning we spread the rest in the back. Walt and I are take great pride in the accomplishment.

Roses now reside in our yard. We are enjoying them now, but Walt wasn't too sure when he started their bed.

Best of all. We got rain! March was very generous.

Spring Arrives

Walt and I were having tea in kitchen when about 40 cedar waxwings descended on our backyard nandinas. They would eat a berry, then fly to and perch on the side of a 5 gallon paint bucket that happened to be filled with water and drink. Then back to the berries. What a glorious sight. I ran for my camera and managed to get several satisfying shots of them. In a few minutes they were gone, but the images remain.