Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Best Yet

After more than 30 years of trying to grow these tropical flowers, I am celebrating my best flower cluster yet. I pull these frangi panis out of the pots at the hint of the first freeze and replant after I think the last freeze has occurred.
This group appeared in June and some of the other plants got flowers before the leaves had come out. They must have been ready to bloom about the time I pulled them last fall.

I acquired a yellow one last year that is growing nicely, but has not yet bloomed. I got it from my friend Clevel. I gave her a cutting many years ago, and from that she created a multitude of these trees. She even branched off into the yellows and reds. She knows how to do things right...many things.

I once heard a man say, "Love is the only thing that the more you give away, the more you have. " Clevel has given away more love and kindness than just about anyone I know. She has made a difference for so many. She also makes the best chicken and dumplins in the world! She shares the recipe too.

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