Thursday, September 20, 2007

News Item

O J is back in the news. What struck me was that he had to give up his passport. First thought: What if your bail depended on your being able to find you passport to give up? Could I find mine? Could you find yours? Ok, so most of you are organized and can find it. Go look. Is it still valid? If not, you'd better see about getting it renewed. I renewed mine last year...on line. Very simple. Only the cost hurt.

Everyone needs a valid passport. You can never tell when your grandmother is going to get on "The Price is Right" and win a trip for two to some exotic place. If she invites you, you'd have to have a passport. Then there is the possibility that you would be invited to participate in the international video game championship to be held in Norway next summer. Without a passport, you'd have to drop out of the contest. What a shame. Worst would be to miss a date with George Clooney in Italy. And on a more practical level, you do need that passport to give to the authorities when you are arrested for that exceptionally bad hair day that offends the whole world. I know you would be so embarrassed that you'd want to flee the country. I know that; the FBI knows that.

Order your new passport now and be prepared.


Dijea said...

That was a great entry, who knew you had so much humor in you. You should do that everyday.

My passport is valid - when are you going on the Price Is Right?

Yarbrough's said...

Your right, I need my passport. Robbie and I are planning to take a cruise for our 10 year next November and if I don't have it I don't think they will let me on the boat. That would be embarrassing!