Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When Old is New Again

In the modern days of Thomas the Train, when hundreds of train cars are available in wood, metal and plastics, it's hard to believe how simple toys could be and were. What you are seeing are Walt's toys from his childhood...the "war years" when metals were available only for the war effort and plastic wasn't a factor yet. Here shine the glass replicas of the vehicles of the day.

Originally, these beauties came filled with tiny, BB-like candies. Eat the candy, then a child is left with the toy. These are the only toys Walt remembers playing with. He played with them inside the house and outside in the dirt. Most are in perfect shape, but there is a wheel missing here and there. He must have been very careful with them and protected them to still have them more that 60 years later. Compare this number of toys and the present condition with a six-year-old boy of today.

We decided to display them for the first time in our antique cabinet in the great room. My attention was drawn to them today because the sun from the new upper window spotlighted them amazingly. Also shown for the first time is our collection of mustache cups that were the pride and joy of Walt's dad. The sunlight hadn't yet reached them, or had already been and moved on from that shelf when I walked by. Guess I'll have a new picture to look forward to.

Monday, November 26, 2007

November Fun

Get busy, and you forget or just fail to update. Novermber was a fun month and deserved some postings. First off, the weather was super...until Thanksgiving. I took advantage and spent a lot of time in the yard. Also enjoyed reading on my lovely covered porch surrounded by sunshine and mild temps. The first weekend I helped out with Marcia and Jorge's Art Stroll. I can't do any art, but they let me take up the money. This year Marcia's sister and her mother were on hand as well. I call them them the "sassy" Loews. It was fun. At the same time, Walt was helping out Mary and David with their home tour. (Gee, we have INVOLVED friends.) That effort got us invited to the party afterward. Also attending was SA's former mayor and the sister of the present mayor. Does that by any chance make me important? I guess not, but it does give me a tiny bragging right.