Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm a retired school teacher, and I giggled last week when I drove through the packed teachers'parking lot of Reagan High School on the way to the Reagan Library, which also serves as a public library. You could say I was joyful not be "getting ready for a new year." I love my freedom. So, why am I trying to sign up for a course at SAC?

I want to learn Photoshop instead of just tinkering with it. One class I'm thinking about has a text, and mentioned a web site . I went there to see what it is about. Boy, was I amazed. Every program I'm working with seems to be listed in their product line. There are very detailed videoes that walk you through the steps. You can go back and replay as much as you need. Each video is short and very well explained. I've only watched the "free" stuff because I'm really cheap. Check it out for yourself.

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