Monday, March 30, 2009

New Zealand in the Texas Landscape

Looking around my backyard yesterday, I was surprised to see so much of New Zealand in my landscape. These are snaps of items brought to me by my sister who lives there or brought back by me. Among the pansies are a pair of lovely pukeko birds. This are my favorite New Zealand birds. They remind me of chickens, but the color is all blue. Love the orange beaks and legs. The paua shells that hang in my metal tree reflect the blue of the waters and shimmer in the light when the wind blows them. These shells get used in all sorts jewelry and art produced in New Zealand. The sea glass, small stones and tumbled brick pieces I found on the beach of Days Bay across from Wellington. The larger stones in the bird bath I picked up from a Pacific Ocean beach. The sound of the water rolling onto the beach of stones and receding back to the ocean amazes me and remains one of my fondness memories of visits.


Yarbrough's said...

Your backyard looks very beautiful!

Brice and Amy said...

Wow, your backyard looks great! Love the photo montage also. Hope all is well over in SA - we are heading for cold Wellington weather hoo.

Better with a Bow said...

Actually I know a great part of your heart is in NZ and now I know why.
You do have an unbelievably beautiful backyard. You and Walt work hard.

Susan's Spot said...


Dear Mrs Hennig

Biosecurity Act 1979 Section MCVX 13.9.41

Information has come to our notice that causes the Ministry to believe that you may be in contravention of an Act of the New Zealand Government, to wit, the export of live indigenous species from New Zealand without lawful authority.
Please advise whether you obtained the appropriate biosecurity clearances to remove pukeko birds and paua shellfish from New Zealand and transport them to the United States? If authority was granted please advise the date and number of the appropriate clearance.
Failure to respond within 14 days will result in immediate court action being instituted, notification of your misdemeanour to the US Customs, and despatch of a New Zealand officer to rescue said pukeko birds and paua and return them to Aotearoa.
Yours faithfully
Frederick Dagg

Judy said...

To all viewers, Frederick Dagg, the above, is completely full of whale blubber. Pay him no mind at all.

Anonymous said...


Dear Mrs Hennig

The tone of your response is one to which my Ministry is entirely unaccustomed and which we find most regretable. Whilst we can understand that you might wish to keep your unfortunate misdemeanours concealed from authority, this is not in any way an excuse for attacking and personally criticising a public servant who is motivated only by his desire to protect New Zealand's indigenous flora and fauna.

Accordingly, we have begun due process to retrieve the taonga (treasures) which belong to all the peoples of Aotearoa. An operative of this Ministry will travel to Texas shortly to take the appropriate action(s) as she shall see fit.

Under the provisions of the Act you are entitled to a full explanation of your legal rights which you may ascertain at the below referenced URL.

Your faithfully
Frederick Dagg

Judy said...

Another public servant full of blarney. Probably can't even cut the mustard with the ministry, so he picks on the unfornate simiple minded tourists like myself.