Friday, August 21, 2009

The Broken Bird

One of the few great things of this incredibly hot and dry summer has been birds. We put up a finch feeder for the the first time, and dozens came. They are the lesser finches...tiny little things flocking to the feeding sacks in large groups. Our early mornings on the deck with coffee is enhanced as we watch their morning rituals. They don't even mind the hummingbirds whizzing pass to get to their feeder.

Lately, we've observed a bird which tries to eat on the wing. She seems to struggle so hard to get feed, but quickly turns away. For some reason, Walt decided to leave some feed sitting atop the railing just under the hanging feeder. Soon, a tiny bird was resting peacefully...feeding. We continue to leave feed in this way, and the little bird continues to come.

I've had a chance to watch her in my binoculars. Her body rests on the legs are seen. Walt, who possesses an eagle eye, tells me she has a club foot, or, a foot that has been damaged. It obviously prevents her from grabbing hold of the mesh to feed.

I'm amazed that she survives. We'll continue to make sure her food is there, but what lies ahead is less certain than for the rest of the little birds. Still, she greets each day with hope, and probably with more appreciation than the others.


Better with a Bow said...

Can you get a photo?

Judy said...

You made it happen.

Better with a Bow said...

The photo AND the story is priceless. Bless you for sharing both with us AND thank you for being so kind to God's birds.