Wednesday, April 07, 2010

April 7, 1921

This happy lady celebrates her birthday today. She woke up to a special breakfast prepared by our good friend Margie. Calls started early, pizza and Italian creme cake made up lunch, and two flower deliveries arrived by early afternoon. Everyone should be so lucky!


Dijea said...

Did you have to make her wear the hat?

She said she had a great day. Thanks for making it special for her.

Brice and Amy said...

Great photo! Thanks for sending the others through.

Grandma sounded very happy and well in fact the best i have heard in ages.

On a side note SBC global is very strict and does not like NZ IP addresses. If you ever sign up to facebook will be able to communicate more often.


Judy said...

For Brice and Amy

I probably should sign up for facebook, but then I'd be on the computer even more. Already Walt thinks he is a computer widower. You can always comment on my blog.

Better with a Bow said...

Isn't she beautiful????????

Yarbrough's said...

Sweet Grandma!

Clay said...

Margie beat me to it - my first impression was "What a beautiful lady!" too. Happy Happy Day! (Carol on Clay's email)