Saturday, May 22, 2010

For Katherine

The possibility that I have my townships mixed up does exist. We would have been coming from Wellington. We rounded a bend and saw this very picturesque and quaint township over a valley. The church popped out on the extraordinarily green hillside. (Remember, I come from Texas, and sometimes light yellow passes for green here.) We had to seek it out and photograph it. On this trip, we were fascinated with all the little churches dotting your landscape. Walt, my husband, wanted to record them and paint them all. He had recently retired and decided he was going to do watercolor. In fact, his very first watercolor was of a church in Nelson. (1st entry of 2008).

For fun, I thought I'd try to find a picture of the little church in Hamilton of which I speak. The picture posted registers inferior to the one that lives in my head. It doesn't have the lighting, color or composition of the view from afar when I rounded the bend. Lousy camera or photographer or both.

The plane was in the same sequence of photos.


Katherine said...

Wow! A post just for ME!? May I open it? Ahhh! It's just what I wanted! A treasure hunt!

Right. The 'Cookietime DC3 Cafe' is near Mangaweka, there's an amazing gorge there. It's central North Island. Quite a popular stopover for kids and other people who sensibly haven't lost their sense of fun.

Now the little red church. Hmmm. Tricky. Looks like hundreds of little small-setlement churches in NZ. Grass is very dry and there are beef cattle there in the paddock - that would be a clue if I knew what year it was...Almost certainly not the Waikato unless it's northish... It is neither of the churches I suggested, I know that for sure.
Maybe somewhere around Taupo...? Or in the Manawatu/ Horowhenua?
Thank you Judy. That was fun!

Judy said...

I just spoke with my sister who tells me it was Hunterville...year 2001. You nailed the location right off. The property where we stayed in Mangaweka backed up to the gorge. That's where I saw my first "hairy" opossum. Our opossums are slick and slimy looking.

Did you check out Walt's NZ church on the hot button in the post?

Katherine said...

I have checked out Walt's blog now. And that particular painting. Wonderful. I *really* like it! The simplicity and simplification is charming. Of course technically, Walt has moved up and up, yet there is something wonderful about that first one...

Judy said...

What makes me sad is that he has set aside his painting. He calls it "painter's block," I call it lazy. If only I had his talent.

Katherine said...

Ah. 'Painter's Block'. That is very common. The best way to get over it is to paint something. Anything. And then burn it. And do it again. and again... until you find your way again...

The first thing we were taught is to treasure what you can DO, rather than the produce. And see the *work* as helping you get better and better, rather than a way of making a 'thing'.

Which is hard if everyone raves about the thing/painting/ and wants to see it.

It can be very hard to start painting again after a long break.