Saturday, June 05, 2010

From the Big Blow

These are additional views of the object in the post below. This hummingbird's nest was a causality of the violent storm that passed by here this week. The nest sat on the end of a very large branch of a very large oak tree beside our house. We found it last year when a hummingbird darted between our feeder and the nest while raising babies.

The bird returned this year for another round. We are pretty sure all this year's babies had left the nest before it went down. We cut it off the fallen branch and will keep it for future show and tell. Amazing construction. Beautifully built. Long lasting.


Yarbrough's said...

I had no idea hummingbird nests were so well constructed, beautiful shots!

credd said...

i have a family of mockingbirds that make their nest in our backyard each year. it's a joy to see them each year.

*i found your site from your daughter's post on twitter.

Brice and Amy said...

Hi Judy - just wanted to say thanks for the fab new leggings and anklet socks, I am loving how thick & warm the leggings are; just perfect for these cold wellington days!
Hope you are well and looking forward to your awesome sounding holiday in Spain. Take me with you?
Much love, and thanks again xxamy

Judy said...

You are welcome. I couldn't resist those silly socks. How cute. Too bad I'm too old to wear something like this. Wouldn't Pippa love them in her size?