Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ant Problems

No ant problems here. These are friendly ants that my husband received for his "monumental" birthday on August 11. Our three kids gave them to him as personal representatives of themselves. According to the card, the ant with the pick ax is Durk because a pick ax is a manly tool and looks like heavy work, but is only a swing and then rest. Dijea Ant shovels, which is definitely the hardest and most difficult job in the garden, and everyone knows she is the hardest worker. Stehle Ant likes to stand around and look pretty, so she carries a bucket to make her look like she's useful. These worker ants just showed up in the garden the morning of his birthday. They made him smile, for sure. He's still moving them around to find the best place, so I may post other pictures of them from time to time.

Happy Birthday, Walt. Isn't it good to have this one behind you instead of worrying about facing it?


Yarbrough's said...

I'm glad he is enjoying them! It is a good representaion of us all.

Dijea said...

Am I good, or am I good.

Brice and Amy said...