Sunday, May 08, 2011

In the Garden TODAY

What fun it's been to watch this happen! We've watched this family for months. We drank coffee on the deck as a pair of wrens built the nest. We drank coffee on the deck as they took turns sitting on the eggs. We drank coffee on the deck as they have fed the brood. We'll drink coffee on the deck when they have gone.

These unlikely pals will no doubt entertain us as we drink coffee with our waffles while at the kitchen table.


Dijea said...

Great shot of the babies in the nest! Love the cat and mice - where did you pick that up?

Judy said...

Dad took the pictures. Then Dad bought me the cat and mice at Rose Emporium for Mother's Day.

Yarbrough's said...

Love that the baby bird has his mouth open in the picture, and the cat and mice is very cute, dad did good with that one!