Monday, August 07, 2006

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Visitor said...

A magnificent effort that has resulted in a VERY different and delighful home. Walt's architectural experience and design flair has produced new from the old which both soothes and intrigues. One admires for a long time, wondering how he contrived to do that, and why it looks as it looks - the secrets of a lifetime in the art. There are curves and angles and planes and horizons that create both intimacy and space, warmth and coolness, without one clashing with the other.

With this backdrop, Judy has chosen a stunning palette of colors, which complement the new spaces and surfaces, and which the photographs hint at, but cannot do justice to. From coordinated neutrals that relax by picking up the tones of country Texas, to the warm surprise of the kitchen. This girl is a dab hand with the paint brush.

Truly, a tour de force. Congratulations.