Monday, August 07, 2006

The Long Project

For some time now, Walt and I have debated on an age old problem couples face once the kids are long gone--to move or redo. New is so tempting, but such a hassle. Walt really didn't want to start a new yard. Remodeling is risky, drawn out and pretty overwhelming. Walt finally came up with a plan and built a model so I could understand. What I saw was lovely! Now, what about a contractor?

Almost immediately, there was a guy working on a house in our neighborhood. We asked him to take a look, and in about two weeks the decision had been made and we committed to remodeling. We started with the outside. New siding on the back and a new deck. Overall repair and paint.

Now, for the tough part...the inside. We started tearing out on December 19, 2005. We were without kitchen facilites from then until July 8, 2006. The not cooking part was not all bad.

Come see what we did!

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