Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Return to Normal

We enjoyed the month of May enormously. My sister, Susan, who lives in New Zealand visited for a month. What a joy to have her. She totally spoiled our mother, and now I am instructed to do things "the way Susan did them" by the mother who used to think I could do no wrong. OK, so I have to give her credit! Not a bad thing.
Her being here brought in all sorts of company to visit her and us. Dijea and her boys drove down. Friends from Corpus came, and so did our cousin Lois. Susan went to Dallas to visit my girls and my grandchildren. She also went to Fredericksburg with Lois for a "girls luxury weekend," had a pedicure, and two massages. We tried to pamper her a bit too. She also gained weight, dispite going with me to CURVES while she was here. No more fajitas and breakfast tacos for a while!
Now there is not so much to do. Life is less brite withour her sunshine. We miss you, Girl!

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