Sunday, July 01, 2007

My First

Those who know me know I am an opinionated woman. Dah! I do, however, try to restrain myself and not share every opinion I have.

I get emotional about toll roads, especially the one being proposed on Highway 281, my neighborhood feeder street/road. I have attended many of the public meetings to lend support to the opposition. Last week, there was a public meeting on the Loop 1604 proposed toll road. I not only attended, but I also took the microphone for my two minutes.

I carefully planned and wrote out my words. Most of the people on either side of the question delivered calm and thoughtful ideas...except for one cowboy hat wearing, tee-shirt and shorts attired old man who was "mad as hell" and "sick and tired" of all of "them." He delivered a purely non-factual, highly emotional attach on every one connected to the project. Inapporpriate and embarrassing!

I mention this only to follow-up with the next morning's news article. Although factual in the account of the meeting. the article cited this man by name and included his picture. Why does the media focus on the bad behavior and the polarizing remarks.

I emailed the reporter and asked him. He didn't reply.

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Dijea said...

I'm impressed! Never thought that you would do that.