Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Surprise Find in the Garden

All the summer rains have made for a very growthy back yard. While Walt wielded the lawnmower, I took to the garden with a tree saw on a stick to try to cut away all the morning glories. They are trying their best to take over my garden. I am happy to say that I cleared a bunch of junk out of the garden, enough that I should be able to start pulling the weeds that were underneath. All in all, great things were accomplished.

As I walked up to the deck to take a break and have a cool drink, I spotted this lovely surprise near the back steps of the deck. I summonded Walt, and he agreed it was worth a few "Henclicks". Beauty is never hard to find in the garden.


Dijea said...

AWWWW Mushrooms. Makes for a cool picture.

Yarbrough's said...

Your lucky, mine just came up all over the grass and didn't look near as pretty.