Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Live Oaks Get Hair Cut

On the way home from Mom's on a Sunday afternoon, we notices some tree trimmer working on live oaks at a shopping center. Using small equipment and tall ladders, they were carefully trimming out the dead and removing moss. We stopped and asked them to take a look at ours.

A week later, they were cleaning out our trees. These guys worked so hard. One was a monkey that climbed way up where I thought no man would go. A really good job. We are so glad to have them done.

They also dug up the youpon trees that were really getting out of hand. Suckers kept coming up and we just couldn't keep up with the growth. For the time being, we'll let the bed rest to see how many youpon come up again and get rid of them.

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Yarbrough's said...

What a difference, I'm sure your enjoying looking out at the trees with your morning cup of coffee. Wish I could be there to share it with you.