Sunday, January 27, 2008

JAWS Lunch

One of the greatest joys of retirement is the ability to have lunch OUT! All those years of the 30 minute lunch, which sometimes included some "duty" / baby-sitting with teens, have made the idea of a leisurely lunch in a restaurant (no cooking or clean-up) the ideal celebration of freedom. To this end, a group of retired teachers with a connection to John Jay High School, gather once a month to celebrate.

JAWS stands for Jay Articulate Women's Society. Our founder and organizer is Barbara Spaur. She is the "Barbie" woman at the end of the row to the right of the picture. Our goal is to try new and exciting eateries while enjoying old friendships and catching up with one another's news. We were missing several of our regulars, but added two new Jay-ers, Carol Johnson and Leslie Bishop, sitting in Barbara's row. Another of our group had already left before the camera was remembered.


Yarbrough's said...

Mom, you look really nice, glad ya'll had fun!

Dijea said...

Where did you go?

Carol said...

Wow, it is great to have memory of a fun day. AND you are right - we deserve to make up for all those short lunches - many times, by the time we got to the lunchroom we only had 5 minutes to gulp down the food and no time to enjoy the great folks we worked with.