Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Need to Book

Dijea and Stehle. You will be be in New Zealand during the school holidays. That means we must book early if we are to get the cheap flights and best accommodations. You will be there for two weekends, but you arrive early Friday morning of the first weekend, and you leave Sunday morning of the second. So, you will be tired after the arrival and tired to begin going home. So keep that in mind.

Could leave Friday afternoon or evening. Lizzie would like to join you. If you choose Nelson or Christchurch, she could take off on the Friday. Susan and I probably won't go with you in such a case, especially since you want to go off on your own.

Nothing really to book if you chose the Whaganui trip. Of course, you may have found other things. So let us know. We need to book. Susan is waiting for an answer.

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