Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Started

The yearning...that feeling that saturates your body with hope and desire in the middle of January and grows stronger in February. The voices that's coming! It's coming. As the temperatures hover in the 70's and wander into the 80's for a day or two, it might snow in Denver. Wonderful sunshine that the people of Seattle would envy pour into the windows almost every day. Only occasionally do we in San Antonio have to deal with winter in winter. So, here I am, in mid-February, getting things ready for spring.

So far we have had the cedar elms de-mossed and trimmed a bit to be more tidy. Cone flowers that were misplaced in the garden have been dug up and potted. The lawn has been aerated and spread with specially formulated Alamo grow compost from Gardenville. The garden areas have been spaded into big chunks then applied with that compost, and some have been tilled. Herbs are finding their way into my pots. Tomotoes purchased a couple weeks ago and uppotted, were put into the ground yesterday. That could be a bit optomistic, but I can cover if needed. Pavers have been purchase and stacked because a new walk is in the making.

Yes, it has started. Seems I'm taking a bit more ibuprofen these days.


Dijea said...

You're insane!!! It will all die due to extreme heat by the middle of June.

CJ said...

Does Saws still give a rebate for aerating and composting? Clay