Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's official. I am old. I passed the excitement of getting older at 21. The worst aging experience came at turning 30. I spent the whole day in bed. The 40 and 50 marks happened without fanfare and were hardly noticed. Not so for 60. I thought I'd at least get a party since no one had thought of it before. Nope. No celebration...just covered in oldness. Now, this officially old has nothing to do with numbers. There is other evidence. I am getting an implant!

It happened because I chomped down on a pecan shell that shouldn't have been in the pecans I put in my waffle. Upper back took went...ccccrrrraaackk! Dr. Dentist said, "Tooth gone, go for the implant. Dr. Oral Surgeon has removed the tooth and implanted the base. In a few months, I'll have the first all false tooth. See, it's official...I'm old.

Darn it!


Clay Johnson said...

No, no, no. You have it all wrong. If 60 were old, Dr. Oral Surgeon wouldn't bother replacing your tooth. Because 60 is young now, you need a good tooth that will serve you well in all the tasty delights ahead. Maybe at 70 you will finally get your party.CJJ

Dijea said...

Its not like you have a 40 year old daughter or anything.