Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hello from New Zealand

It seems I waited and waited for April 16 to arrive so I could begin my visit to my sister's. Now April is ending and the days between the start and today have flown by in an instant. Must be that I am having fun. Indeed, I am.

Dijea and Stehle came with me. What a joy to have my girls with me and the three of us seek adventure together. The first thing they were introduced to was the beach below my sister's house. The weather dripped and blew, but it didn't stop us from searching for sea glass. Those two girls had so much fun finding sea glass. Every opportunty they had was spent on the beach searching. In the end, they got picky and only took back their favorite pieces.


Yarbrough's said...

Let me re-phrase what my mother said...Dijea was picky and took only her best pieces, however I stuffed every single piece into my bag for the trip home. I spent too much time and enjoyed it too much to let even one stay behind.

Dijea said...

Well, what can I say - I had so many I could pick and choose.

I am the best!

Better with a Bow said...

Girls girls girls
it does sound like you made some memories.
Good for you
all of you
I know it was a special special time for Susan as well

Grade School Rocks said...

where is the pictuce