Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Present

We very quickly decided on our Christmas present this week when the repairman told us the dishwasher's motor had burned out. (Darn! There goes the diamonds and a boat for another year.) What makes this event blog worthy is the actual buying. Heretofore, when we have sought a new appliance, we could get delivery in 2 or 3 days. Not so this time. Most varieties required about 30 days to get to the store. Not wanting to hand-wash dishes for that long, we chose from just a couple that could get here next week. Not just us; not just dishwashers. A lady looking for a microwave was told it wouldn't or couldn't be shipped before Dec. 27. (I could have told her to go buy one off the shelf at HEB, but she was probably looking for a more substantial model. Besides, everyone knows I ALWAYS "mind my own business".)

This seems to be a comment on the state of the economy. Retail prefers not to invest in product; business is saving its money. Government just talks and talks.

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