Sunday, December 26, 2010

Green Christmas Salad

This is a Christmas family tradition for for decades. Until, that is, my children came along. It absolutely horrifies them. I doubt a single one of the three has even taken a bite of it...if so, I bet it was spit out. Just a simple lime jello salad with cream cheese or cottage cheese, canned pineapple and nuts. It's cool and sweet and LOW in calories. Use sugar-free jello and even the diabetics and large folks can eat guilt free. Great leftovers. These days, I have to make it just to create a little drama at the Christmas table. I'm tickled when they protest so much and make fun of my jello salad.

Now, not the case with my nephews. They believe in traditions like green Christmas salad. I heard from my sister that nephew Brice was talking wishfully about it at their Christmas dinner in New Zealand. When I explained how easy it was to make, she informed me that NZ jello just wasn't the same. I've written a note to myself to send HEB lime jello to NZ for next year.

I wonder if others have a Christmas traditions that gets mixed reviews?


Yarbrough's said...

I actually love the red jello salad that you make and even requested it last year if you will remember, this green on the other hand... not my favorite.

Brice and Amy said...

I also heard this jello salad talked about fondly not once but twice by Brice and Susan..... it sounds odd, but I am thinking i need to try it for myself - christmas 2011 maybe?

CJ said...

Yes, Ma'am! At our house it is curried fruit for breakfast on Christmas morning. We started making it when we lived far from family and couldn't go "home" for the holidays. To take the place of those missed traditions, we created new ones to carry with us no matter where we were. Now our children's first question when they may be spending the holidays with us is really a demand - we must have curried fruit. Being a lazy cook who would rather be with the family when presents are being opened, I chose this recipe because I could make it ahead, warm it up in the microwave, and keep it on the counter without refrigeration for days (aka until it is all gone!) Recipe is drained canned peaches, pears, apricots, butter, brown sugar and curry in any amounts you like/or tolerate. Forget the low calorie - it's the holidays!