Sunday, December 26, 2010

Green Christmas Salad

This is a Christmas family tradition for for decades. Until, that is, my children came along. It absolutely horrifies them. I doubt a single one of the three has even taken a bite of it...if so, I bet it was spit out. Just a simple lime jello salad with cream cheese or cottage cheese, canned pineapple and nuts. It's cool and sweet and LOW in calories. Use sugar-free jello and even the diabetics and large folks can eat guilt free. Great leftovers. These days, I have to make it just to create a little drama at the Christmas table. I'm tickled when they protest so much and make fun of my jello salad.

Now, not the case with my nephews. They believe in traditions like green Christmas salad. I heard from my sister that nephew Brice was talking wishfully about it at their Christmas dinner in New Zealand. When I explained how easy it was to make, she informed me that NZ jello just wasn't the same. I've written a note to myself to send HEB lime jello to NZ for next year.

I wonder if others have a Christmas traditions that gets mixed reviews?

Christmas 2010

Good food. Lots of calls. and special visitor, Lois, made this a heads-up day for this lovely lady.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Present

We very quickly decided on our Christmas present this week when the repairman told us the dishwasher's motor had burned out. (Darn! There goes the diamonds and a boat for another year.) What makes this event blog worthy is the actual buying. Heretofore, when we have sought a new appliance, we could get delivery in 2 or 3 days. Not so this time. Most varieties required about 30 days to get to the store. Not wanting to hand-wash dishes for that long, we chose from just a couple that could get here next week. Not just us; not just dishwashers. A lady looking for a microwave was told it wouldn't or couldn't be shipped before Dec. 27. (I could have told her to go buy one off the shelf at HEB, but she was probably looking for a more substantial model. Besides, everyone knows I ALWAYS "mind my own business".)

This seems to be a comment on the state of the economy. Retail prefers not to invest in product; business is saving its money. Government just talks and talks.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Good Surprise

We came home yesterday from a lovely late lunch to discover our daughter Stehle had popped in for a surprise visit. Praise the "use or lose your vacation days before the end of the year" edict! So far we have had morning coffee on the deck (one of my favorite things) and attended an art show in progress in the picture. Currently, Stehle and Dad are tooling around in the T-Bird. Tonight may be the river boats in downtown SA with all the Christmas lights in their glory (another of my favorite things). All of you should be jealous.